WITSA 2008 Global ICT Excellence Awards

Award Categories

  Public Sector ICT Excellence Award

Government entities and non-profit organizations are eligible to be nominated in the Public Sector Excellence category.


Criteria for Government authorities: To be nominated, a government entity must, in its delivery of services within or outside the entity, use information technology to 1) improve a national or local government's effectiveness in meeting the needs of its citizens; 2) save time and money in government operations by eliminating inefficient practices and processes; and/or 3) improve access to or the quality of services, communication and information within government.†† In addition, the project implemented by the nominee must meet at least one of the following criteria: use IT to improve the common good, either at the local, national or global level (measuring the social benefit); demonstrate efficient use of current technology; highlight the benefits of latest advances; run pilot projects evaluating the potential of new innovative means of communication and information distribution.


Criteria for Non-profit organizations: To be nominated, non-profit organizations must utilize information and communications technology to achieve the organization's goals, as well to improve the common good through programs with significant social benefits.Examples of such programs include: medical groups that facilitate remotely assisted surgery via Internet, deployment of informative databases or other technologies that increase citizen participation in communities of interest - uses that bring aid, comfort, information, support or services to target community groups.


       Private Sector ICT Excellence Award

All for-profit, high-end information technology users are eligible for this award.†† This award honors the innovative uses of information and communications technology that directly increase a business' ability to meet its objectives, improve its competitiveness or better serve its customer needs.A for-profit user of ICT that creates an advantage in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing and/or distribution of products and services would be competitive for this award.


       Digital Opportunity Award

Individuals, academic institutions, corporations, NGOs or government authorities that have made a remarkable and successful effort at providing digital opportunities to those in need are eligible for this award.Nominees must help facilitate the deployment of information and communications technology and use of the internet among inner city populations, or in towns, rural areas or cities in developing and least-developed countries in order to be considered for this award.WITSA member associations have autonomy in nominating and selecting the most qualified candidates in their respective country or region.In order to nominate a candidate, the WITSA member association must demonstrate the effectiveness of the program; approximate the number of people benefiting from the program; describe the degree of intensiveness of the program; and evaluate the level of innovation used in achieving the programís goals.