Glossary of Acronyms


APEC               Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum

                        APEC Tel          APEC Telecommunications Working Group

ABAC Asian Business Advisory Committee

CTI Committee on Trade and Investment

IMC Interactive Medical Curriculum

                        TEL                  Telecommunications Working Group

CITEL Inter-American Telecommunications Commission


PCC I Public Telecommunications Services

PCC II Broadcasting

PCC III Radiocommunications

JWG Joint Working Group on Legal & Administrative Matters

EB/CIP International Communications and Information Policy, Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, U.S. Department of State

EBRD European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

GII Global Information Infrastructure

GIS                   Global Information Society

IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

IMF                   International Monetary Fund

IMO                  International Maritime Organization

INMARSAT International Mobile Satellite Organization

ACTOM Advisory Committee for Technological and Operational Matters

IWG Intersessional Working Group


SDWM Strategic Direction Working Meeting

INTELSAT         International Telecommunications Satellite Organization

ITAC                 International Telecommunications Advisory Committee

(State/EB/CIP/MA government/private sector advisory committee on preparatory activities for meetings of multilateral organizations)

These three subsectors of ITAC parallel the three subsectors of the ITU:

1.       ITAC-D ITU Telecommunications Development Sector

2.       ITAC-R ITU Radiocommunication Sector

3.       ITAC-T Telecommunications Standardization Sector

ITU International Telecommunication Union

·         ITU Council (annual)

·         ITU Plenipot (Plenipotentiary Conference) (every four years)

·         ITU-2000 Working Group

·         ITU World Telecommunications Policy Forum (WTPF ‘98)

·         ITU Strategic Planning Working Group

·         ITU-D ITU Development Sector

·         W/RTDC (World/Regional Telecom Development Conference)

·         TDAB (Telecom Development Advisory Board)

·         GMPCS (Global Mobile Personal Communications System)

·         Study Group 1 (Telecommunications Development Policies and Strategies)

·         Study Group 2 (Infrastructure and Revenue Development; Handbooks)

ITU-R ITU Radiocommunication Sector

·         WRC (World Radiocommunications Conference)

·         RAG (Radiocommunication Advisory Group)

·         RRB (Radio Regulations Board)

·         IRG (Inter-Conference Representative Group)

·         Study Group 1 (Spectrum management)

·         IStudy Group 3 (Radiowave propagation)

·         Study Group 4 (Fixed-satellite service) Task Group 4/5 (Feeder links for the mobile-satellite service)

·         Study Group 7 (Science services)

·         Study Group 8 (Mobile, radiodetermination, amateur and related satellite services)

·         Task Group 8/1 (Future public land mobile telecommunication systems (FPLMTS))

·         Task Group 8/2 (Wind profiler radar)

·         Task Group 8/3 (Study Group 8 preparation for WRC-97)

·         Study Group 9 (Fixed Service)

·         Study Group 10 (Broadcasting services - sound)

·         Study Group 11 (Broadcasting services - television)

·         Working Party 1A (Engineering principles and techniques, including computer-aided analysis for effective spectrum management)

·         Working Party 1B (Principles and techniques for spectrum planning and sharing)

·         Working Party 1C (Techniques for spectrum monitoring)

·         Working Party 3J (Propagation fundamentals)

·         Working Party 3K (HF propagation)

·         Working Party 3M (Point-to-point and Earth-space propagation)

·         Working Party 4A (Efficient orbit/spectrum utilization)

·         Working Party 4 SNG (Satellite news gathering, outside broadcast via satellite)

·         Working Party 7B (Space radio systems (space research, data relay satellite, space operations, etc.))

·         Working Party 7C (Earth exploration satellite systems and meteorological systems)

·         Working Party 7D (Radioastronomy) Working Party 8A (Land mobile service excluding FPLMTS; amateur and amateur-satellite services)

·         Working Party 8B (Land mobile service including Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS); aeronautical mobile service excluding public telephone service with aircraft

·         Working Party 8C (Radiodetermination service)

·         Working Party 8D (All mobile satellite services except the amateur-satellite service; radio-determination satellite service; public telephone service with aircraft)

·         Working Party 9A (Performance and availability, interference objectives and analysis, effects of propagation and terminology)

·         Working Party 9B (Radio-frequency channel arrangements, radio system haracteristics, interconnection, maintenance and special applications)

·         Working Party 9D (Sharing with other services (except for the fixed-satellite service))

·         Working Party 10B (Terrestrial sound broadcasting at frequencies above 30 MHZ (except sound broadcasting in the Tropical Zone))

·         Working Party 10-11S (Satellite broadcasting)

ITU-T ITU Telecommunications Standardization Sector

·         WTSC (World Telecom Standardization Conference, aka Assembly)

·         TSAG (Telecom Standards Advisory Group)

·         Study Group 2 (Network operation)

·         Study Group 3 (Tariff and accounting principles, including related telecom economic and policy issues)

·         Study Group 4 (TMN and Network maintenance)

·         Study Group 5 (Protection against electromagnetic environment)

·         Study Group 6 (Outside plant)

·         Study Group 7 (Data networks and open system communications)

·         Study Group 8 (Characteristics of telematic services)

·         Study Group 9 (Television and sound transmission)

·         Study Group 10 (Languages and general software aspects for telecommunication applications)

·         Study Group 11 (Switching and signaling)

·         Study Group 12 (End-to-end transmission performance of networks and terminals)

·         Study Group 13 (General network aspects)

·         Study Group 15 (Transmission systems and equipment)

·         Study Group 16 (Multimedia services and systems)

MAI Multilateral Agreement on Investment

NII                    National Information Infrastructure

OECD   Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

BIAC - OECD’s Business and Industry Advisory Committee

                        CSTP Committee for Scientific and Technological Policy

                        GoEISP Group of Experts on Information Security and Privacy (replaces

the WPLN Working Party of the Long Name which refers to the Group of

Experts on Security, Privacy and Intellectual Property Protection in the

Global Information Infrastructure/Society)

OECD (continued)

                        ICCP Committee for Information, Computer and Communications Policy

TISP Working Party on Telecommunications and Information Services Policy

TUAC - OECD’s Trade Union Advisory Committee

                        WPIE Working Party on the Information Economy

SOA                 Summit of the Americas

TDA                  U.S. Trade and Development Agency

USEU               U.S. Mission to the European Union

USOECD U.S. Mission to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

USTTI   United States Telecommunications Training Institute

WIPO               World Intellectual Property Organization

WTO                 World Trade Organization

                        GATS (General Agreement on Trade in Services)

                        GBT (Group on Basic Telecommunications)

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