Meet our Members

The Global Internet Project (GIP) Advisory Committee to WITSA is an international group of senior executives committed to fostering continued growth of the Internet. Members come from leading Internet-centric companies representing the telecommunications, software, financial services, and content sectors. GIP participants are well-known leaders in the Internet Revolution and represent companies based in Asia, Europe, and North America. Dr. James Clark, former chairman of Netscape Communications Corporation, founded the group. John Patrick, Vice President for Internet Technology at IBM, is the current chairman of the GIP.

The Internet is a global medium that transcends geographic borders, and the GIP is committed to expanding its use worldwide. GIP participants believe that to ensure continued growth and innovation, the Internet must be kept free of unnecessary international regulations and national laws that impede or inhibit its growth. Old, outdated, national regulatory models should not be applied to the Internet. Instead, new international and non-governmental approaches to policy must be developed, that will be flexible enough to keep pace with the rapid evolution of technology and the marketplace. Often these approaches will rely upon market mechanisms for self-regulation, rather than government regulation.

The GIP is not a lobbying organization. Its primary goal is not to shape government regulation, but instead promote industry actions that will minimize the need for such regulation. The GIP calls upon governments to encourage private sector solutions to Internet policy challenges. Its members are working to anticipate and address potential situations that could develop as the Internet grows so that government action will not be required.

The GIP also is committed to "connecting the unconnected" - increasing Internet access in developing countries by encouraging governments to adopt policies that foster innovation, liberalization, investment, and free market competition.

To achieve its goals, the GIP develops and distributes policy papers, holds workshops and conferences on identified issues, and conducts timely consultations with decision-makers around the world. By reaching out to policy-makers worldwide, the GIP is helping them to better understand the Internet's role in the global economy and our everyday lives. It is also spurring industry discussions about "next generation" Internet challenges and priorities. In addition, the GIP hosts a Web site to provide policy-makers, the press and the public with background material about pivotal Internet issues.

The Global Internet Project is an independent, nonpartisan advisory committee. The Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) serves as secretariat for the GIP.

Please contact GIP Executive Director Allen Z. Miller at: or Tel. +1 703 284-5329 for more information.