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WITSA Opens Business Centers Worldwide October 8, 2009 [PDF]

WITSA G-20 ICT Policy Network Launch: ICT Key to G-20 Plans for Sustainable Growth September 23, 2009 [PDF]

WITSA Joins Strategy Council of the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development (GAID) June 4, 2009 [PDF]

WITSA Organizes First Trade Mission to Malaysia: Delegates from 10 Countries Join Asia-Pacific Outsourcing Summit 05/11/2009 [PDF]

WITSA Calls for Trade Pact in Services, Warns Against Protectionism 04/06/2009 [PDF]

WITSA: Keep the Internet Run by the Private Sector 12/02/2008 [PDF]

WITSA Announces Positions on Internet Governance, Trade and Green ICT 05/21/2008 [DOC]

WITSA Announces Creation of Green ICT Forum 05/21/2008 [DOC]

WITSA Announces 2008 Global ICT Excellence Award Winners 05/21/2008 [DOC]

Global ICT Spending Tops $3.5 Trillion: Industry Experiences Subdued Spending Growth 05/20/2008 [DOC]

Dr. Jim Poisant to Be First WITSA Secretary General  06/01/2006 [DOC]

WITSA Announces 2006 Global IT Excellence Award Winners 05/04/2006 [DOC]

Global ICT Spending Tops $3 Trillion: Total Tech Spending to Rise Throughout Decade; Spending Rate Cools in Near Term 05/04/2006 [DOC]

WITSA Study: World IT Spending Rebounds Thanks Largely to Developing World 11/23/2004 [DOC; PDF]

WITSA Presents Global IT Excellence Awards to Seven User Organizations [DOC; PDF]

Global Industry Body Selects Venue for 2008 “IT Olympics”, Adds New Members [DOC; PDF]

WCIT 2004: The Preparations for the Most Important Global Event in the IT Industry Are Under Way 5/15/2003 [HTML]

Background Paper on the World Trade Organization’s Negotiations and Issues Regarding Information and Communications Technology (ICT) 12/6/2002 [PDF, HTML]. See also the Statement [PDF]

Global Information Technology Alliance Urges Focused Approach to World Summit on the Information Society 11/07/2002 [PDF, HTML]. See also the Statement [PDF, HTML]

Global Information Technology Alliance, WITSA, Welcomes New Association Members

Vietnam, Kenya and Indonesia Associations Join Alliance 10/23/2002 [PDF, HTML]

IFIP – OECD – WITSA Joint Working Conference: “Meeting Global IT Skills Needs – the Role of Professionalism” 10/25-27/2002  [PDF, HTML]

Global Action Plan for E-Business: Government over-regulation could endanger e-business 09/12/2002 [HTML]. See also the Action Plan [PDF]

Global IT Industry Alliance, WITSA, Re-Appoints Chairman 3/12/2002 [PDF, HTML]. A report from the appointment of Chairman Newstrom is available here.

Austin Texas Selected by International IT Panel to Host 2006 World Congress on Information Technology (ITAA/Austin press release 3/01/02) [HTML].

IT Industry Wireless Budgets To Increase Ninety-Four Percent in 2002: Security and Bandwidth Key Considerations in Enterprise Wireless Decisions  3/01/02 [PDF, HTML]. See also the executive summary, or purchase the report.

WITSA Global Research Shows World’s Largest Consumer of Technology Increased Spending Less Than 1% Last Year  2/28/02 [PDF, HTML]. Order Digital Planet 2002, see additional background information about scope and methodology, or read the executive summary.

Global High Tech Industry Alliance Awards Exceptional Users of IT 2/28/02 [PDF, HTML]  

Statement on Consumption Taxation Issues and Electronic Commerce 6/15/01 [PDF, HTML]   See the statement [PDF] and OECD's July 18 response.

President Bill Clinton to Be Keynote Speaker at World Congress on IT 2002 6/12/01 [PDF, HTML]

Ready? Net. Go! Partnerships Leading the Global Economy 5/3/01 [PDF, HTML]

- See the report [PDF]. By McConnell International LLC in cooperation with WITSA.

Global High Tech Industry Alliance Releases IT Skills "Inventory" 4/6/01 [PDF, HTML]
- See also the report [PDF, HTML]. 

Business-Government Forum on Electronic Commerce: Maximizing the Digital Opportunity. Alliance for Global Business. Dubai, January 14, 2001
- See also the Joint AGB statement, Seizing Digital Opportunities: A Business Perspective.

Global Cyber Crime: Weak Laws Threaten E-Commerce: Self-Protection Is Principal Defense, 12/7/00
- The report is available here or at McConnell International LLC

Global High Tech Industry Group Voices Concerns Over Draft Cyber-Crime Convention, Nov. 30, 2000
- The statement is available here

Global IT Spending to Rocket from Current $2 Trillion to $3 Trillion, New Study Finds, Nov. 21, 2000

- An executive summary is available free of charge here.

- Additional background information about scope and methodology is available here.

- The full report can be purchased here

Global High Tech Industry Alliance Lends Hand of Support to ICANN, November 10, 2000
- The statement is available here.

New Study Predicts Global Information Technology Spending To Reach US$3 Trillion in 2003, 6/14/00


Global High Tech Industry Alliance Awards Exceptional Users of IT, June 13, 2000

WITSA Letter to G-8 Heads of Delegations on Certain Provisions Contained in the Council of Europe's  Draft International Cyber-Crime Convention, May 12, 2000

International Survey of E-Commerce 2000 The report is available here.

International IT Industry Survey: Cyber Security a Top Priority, February 22, 2000

Press Kits

International Domain Names Meeting, January 22, 1999.

Global Year 2000 Summit, October 15-16, 1998.

Release of Digital Planet, October 8, 1998.

Press Releases

These are Press Releases that are not part of larger Press Kits.

A Discussion Paper By The Alliance for Global Business On Trade-Related Aspects of Electronic Commerce,  April 27, 1999

Global IT Alliance Inducts Three New Members, March 31, 1999.