WITSA Eminent Persons Award

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The WITSA Eminent Persons Award recognizes those individuals who have made a significant and profound positive difference in the lives of others.  As the use of information and communication technology spreads around the world, positively affecting nearly every aspect of human life from medical care, to education to the global economy, it gives hope to millions for a better life. 


Dr. Nelson Mandela (2010)

On October 25. 2010, WITSA awarded the first WITSA Eminent Persons Award to  Dr. Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg, South Africa. Dr. Mandela worked his entire life for social justice and equality.  Both he and WITSA share a common bond.   It is for this bond that WITSA decided to recognize Dr. Mandela.


The award was given to the Nelson Mandela Foundation by members of the WITSA Board of Directors meeting in Johannesburg.  “WITSA recognizes that Dr. Mandela has received the highest acclaim from prestigious organizations from around the globe.  We wish to add our acknowledgement and appreciation as well, said Dr. James Poisant, Secretary General, WITSA.


We could not think a person more deserving of receiving the first WITSA Eminent Persons award than Dr. Mandela.  It is our honor to bestow this award to a person who has served so many.”  Said Dato’ Dan Khoo, WITSA’s Chairman.