Dec 29, 2009 Melbourne hosts WTM to matchmake ICT players
Dec 17, 2009 ICT is key in reviving global trade
Nov 4, 2009 WITSA 2009 Global Public Policy Report published
Nov 4, 2009 Global Public Policy Summit 2009 ends in success
Nov 3, 2009 WITSA Public Policy Chairman's GPPS 2009 Summary Remarks
Nov 3, 2009 GPPS 2009: The “Bermuda Declaration” for the ICT sector
Nov 3, 2009 Mexico to host GPPS 2011
Nov 3, 2009 Private and public parties join forces during World Congress on IT 2010
Nov 2, 2009 ICT Infrastructure must be a top priority
Nov 2, 2009 WITSA launches Global Trade Portal and unveils new logo
Oct 8, 2009 WITSA opens business centers worldwide
Sep 23, 2009 ICT Key to G-20 Plans for Sustainable Growth
Jul 4, 2009 WITSA joined Strategy Council of the United Nation’s Global Alliance for ICT and Development
May 11, 2009 WITSA organizes first trade mission to Malaysia
Apr 24, 2009 ICT Stimuli Needed for Short-term Recovery and Long-term Growth
Apr 06, 2009 WITSA Calls for Trade Pact in Services, Warns Against Protectionism
Dec 05, 2008 ICTs and an Environmentally Sustainable Internet: Another Challenge of Connecting the Next Billion Internet Users
Dec 02, 2008 WITSA Resolution in Support of Group of 20 Leaders’ Statement, LIMA APEC Leaders’ Statement and the Role of ICT as an Enabler for Global Economic Growth
Dec 02, 2008 WITSA Resolution on Cyber Security
Dec 02, 2008 WITSA Resolution for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Hyderabad, India
Dec 02, 2008 Keep the Internet Run by the Private Sector
Dec 01, 2008 WITSA Public Policy Report 2008
Jun 01, 2008 WITSA Statement on ICT and Energy Efficiency: The Role of Technology in Tackling Climate Change
May 21, 2008 WITSA Announces 2008 Global ICT Excellence Award Winners
May 21, 2008 WITSA Announces Positions on Internet Governance, Trade and Green ICT
May 21, 2008 WITSA Announces Creation of Green ICT Forum
May 20, 2008 Global ICT Spending Tops $3.5 Trillion
May 17, 2008 WITSA Resolution on the Internet, Internet Governance and Business Interests
May 17, 2008 WITSA Resolution on the successful conclusion of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Doha Round of trade negotiations, including an ambitious agreement in services
Feb 25, 2008 WITSA Statement on IGF Open Consultation: Internet Governance Forum 2008 & Beyond