Minister of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica (2014-2018). First Ambassador and Permanent Representative ofCosta Rica to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (2021-2022).Representative to the United Nations Committee on Science and Technology for Development at UnitedNations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) (2008-2014). Vice-President and Representativeto the X and XI Ministerial Conferences of the World Trade Organization (WTO) respectively (2015 and 2017).Vice-President of Banco de Costa Rica (2010-2014) and the International Bank of Costa Rica (2011-2014).President of insurance brokers and management investment funds and member of several corporategovernance committees on digital transformation, compliance and audit.President, Executive Vice-President and Director of chambers and national, regional and global businessassociations -Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies of Costa Rica -CAMTIC-, the LatinAmerican Association of Information Technology Entities -ALETI-, the World Federation of MultimediaAssociations -FIAM-, the World Innovation and Technology Services Association -WITSA-. Member of theDigital Trade Network and the Advisory Board on E-Commerce to the London International Chamber ofCommerce / ICC in London.Entrepreneur founder, partner, manager and director of several innovative companies and startups in LatinAmerica and Europe in the sectors of services in digital technologies, innovation, promotion of productiveecosystems and alternative financing services.Graduated in Economics (BSS) and Business Administration -Banking and Finance- (MBA).Email: alexander.mora@tecapro.comCel/WA: +506 87 04 34 74Of.: +506 22 34 44 00