Global Digital Economy Growth

Economic growth is, by far, the most significant contribution of the global digital economy.

Investments from angels and venture capitalists fuel innovation and founders even as domestic and foreign direct investments expand manufacturing and services industries, creating millions of digital jobs and boosting global GDP growth with high-income wages. As the alliance of the global tech industry, WITSA plays a catalytic role in fostering the growth of the global digital economy by:

As the leading recognized voice of the global tech industry, WITSA works with its members to undertake initiatives that drive, facilitate or advocate for the development of key factors that contribute towards fulfilling the promise of the digital age. These include:

Global Strategy
Impact Measurement
Tech for Good
Digital Ecosystem Development
Tech Adoption
Digital Investment
Trade and Investment
Talent Growth for All

Global Transformation

The importance of realizing the potential value of digital transformation cannot be overstated. Benefits of digital transformation are not guaranteed.

Digital transformation is underway but not fully understood.

Without action and collaboration, digital transformation will not, by itself, lead to broadly-shared prosperity and growth.

WITSA calls on its members to engage with their national governments to ensure that the digital transformation will be a powerful force for the common good, valuing humans as an asset in the jobs market, fostering innovation, matching job skills with the needs of the new economy, bridging the digital gap in underserved populations, and promoting trust and security as well as driving businesses to create products that consumers rave about.

Governments must remove barriers and encourage a market-driven approach to policy focused on innovation, market competition, free flow of information across borders, mobility of skilled workers, research and development and investment in transformative technologies.

WITSA strongly urges governments to promote digital entrepreneurship by redoubling their efforts to foster national policies that support new and transformative businesses as well as international competitiveness.

Global Opportunities

WITSA acts as a catalyst for the global tech industry to explore, access, and capitalize on global opportunities. Through its various activities and initiatives, WITSA enables collaboration, knowledge sharing, and business growth, empowering its members and tech companies to thrive in the global tech landscape.

Global Networking
Business Connections
Market Intelligence and Insights
Access to Funding and Investment Opportunities
International Collaborations and Projects
Policy Advocacy and Representation

Global Solutions

WITSA's Global Solutions showcase the exceptional contributions of its members and award winners, highlighting the innovative tech solutions they have developed to tackle a wide range of issues and problems. By harnessing the power of information technology, these solutions have revolutionized industries, transformed communities, and made a positive difference in people's lives across the globe.

WITSA's Global Solutions serve as platforms for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and inspiration. They bring together the best minds in the global technology community to address complex problems and drive sustainable development. By recognizing the achievements of its members and award winners, WITSA inspires others to push the boundaries of innovation, foster digital inclusion and create a brighter future for all.

These innovations address critical issues, transform industries, and create a positive impact on societies and individuals globally. Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, WITSA aims to help catalyse the advancement of technology and empower communities to thrive in the digital age.

Feature of the Month


Institute for Information Industry (III) for "an agile hybrid simulator of human machine collaboration for multi-workers"

III has developed anon-contact real-time multi-person work efficiency system to overcome the limitations of traditional EMG detection, which requires attaching sensors to the individuals being monitored and is both costly and impractical for wide spread use. III’s system enables the storage of data related to safety issues in the Taiwanese production environment and utilizes scientific analysis to assess the production efficiency of various workstation lines. This not only improves the safety of production personnel but also serves as a management reference. Additionally, the system can be adapted into different language versions, expanding its application worldwide.