Membership Services

WITSA members enjoy the following benefits:

Opportunities to form strategic and business relationships via meetings, signature events, multilateral trade visits and other WITSA activities

Opportunities to be represented in WITSA’s lobbying activities

Invitation to attend business networking activities organized by WITSA

Invitation to attend General Assembly meetings with voting rights

Invitation to attend quarterly Board of Director’s meeting

Eligible to bid for the licensing and hosting rights for WITSA’s signature event in your respective country

Eligible to nominate qualified candidates in your respective country for the Global Innovation and Tech Excellence Awards

Special discounts on delegate tickets at signature events

Knowledge sharing between different economies

Receive a gold frame membership certificate.

For a more extensive list of membership benefits, see the our Why WITSA publication.

Statements and Resolutions

WITSA AI Declaration and AI Position Paper

Global Policy Action Committee

Mr. Douglas Johnson
Chairman, Global Policy Action
Committee Vice President, Emerging Technology Policy
Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

WITSA strengthens the industry at large by promoting a fair trade environment. WITSA helps governments, institutions and multilateral organizations to understand future technology trends and to voice the concerns of the tech industry with regards to policies that affect industry interests. These organizations include the following:

Business Development Committee

Mr. Brian Shen
Chairman, Business Development Committee
CISA – Taiwan

The Business Development Committee was formed on December 1, 2020 by the WITSA Board of Directors. The focus of the Committee is to create business development opportunities and identify new streams of revenue. Members of the Committee include the WITSA Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Business Development Committee Chairman, Secretary General, Treasurer, the Regional Vice Chairmen. Those members interested in joining the Business Development Committee should contact the Committee Chairman, Mr. Brian Shen.

The BDC, will work in close coordination with WITSA’s Chairman, Executive Committee and Secretariat and WITSA’s Finance Committee. The BDC is responsible for working on and developing new streams of revenue such as regional events, new memberships, grants and supporting existing WITSA programs, to include educational offerings, WITSA’s Business Excellence Certification program, WITSA’s Global Partnership programs WITSA’s World Congress on IT, and other related activities with the express purpose of sustaining existing sources of WITSA’s revenue and creating new revenue sources in the near and long term in order to ensure WITSA’s financial sustainability. The committee will also be responsible for rolling out new revenue producing programs.

Committee members will serve as examples to other WITSA members by actively engaging in promoting and taking an active role in and supporting all WITSA’s programs, as applicable.

The committee will report its results to the full WITSA Board of Directors during each BOD meeting.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI): Each year, the Committee will determine what the KPI’s will be for the following year.

Education Committee

On June 5, 2013 the WITSA Board of Directors approved the establishment of its newest committee called the Committee on Education, Training and Human Resources. The Board agreed to have Boris Komrakov representing the Republic of Belarus to chair the committee. The rational foe the establishment of this committee relates directly to the fact that it is widely recognized that there is a global shortage of trained tech workers. WITSA members are adversely affected by this shortage as it restricts their ability to expand their business. In addition every other entity to include governments, industry and civil society are also adversely affected. Each day the problem intensifies. As WITSA is the voice of the tech industry and represents over 90% of the global industry, it is only fitting that WITSA establish a committee to address the issues of education, training and human resources.

Roles and Responsibilities
The Committee on Education, Training and Human Resources will be responsible for:

1. Understanding the problems, issues and roadblocks contributing to the shortage of tech workers as they relate to education and training.

2. Identifying programs, curriculum, best practices and other educational activities and initiatives that have proven successful in producing qualified tech workers.

3. Researching the specific skills required by geographic region and skill set

4. Evaluate opportunities for WITSA and its members to participate in revenue opportunities as they apply to addressing the problems of the tech workers shortage.

5. Producing at least one white paper that will serve as position on education and training for WITSA.

6. Distribute its publications widely through WITSA members to improve the quality and the quantity of tech employees around the globe.

Committee Membership
The Committee on Education, Training and Human Resources shall be appointed every four (4) years by the Board on WCIT. Unless a chair is appointed by the full Board, the members of the Committee may designate a Chair by majority vote of the full Committee membership. At this point in time there is no limit on the amount of committee members nor does a member of the committee need to be a WITSA member.