Mr. Alexander Yesayan has been holding the prestigious, yet challenging responsibility of UATE Chairman since 2016. During those years Mr. Yesayan has been making his best efforts to reach UATE’s strategic goals by implementing key projects and events for the empowerment of Armenian high-tech field. Besides his great contribution in UATE, he has also invested in Armath Engineering Laboratories education program, making the innovative and technological education accessible for the kids aged 10-18 living in borderline villages in Armenia. Together with Mr. Yesayan currently around 15000 students get free engineering education all over Armenia. Another brilliant contribution that he had in the history of Armenian tech was hosting of WCIT2019 in Yerevan. Mr. Yesayan was the organizer of an event, which stays unprecedented one till now. Proving that he is a true leader he made ‘’Armenian digital dream’’ a reality: that is positioning Armenia as a technological centre for the whole world 3 days long. With a small but highly dedicated team, with a super innovative agenda and worldwide tech professionals and celebrities, UATE with Mr. Yayasan did a big thing for Armenia by enhancing our country, branding it as a technological destination. Alexander Yesayan is the Co-founder and Shareholder in IUNetworks LLC since 2008. As a result of his successful management, this IT company, has demonstrated a rapid growth in the recent years, contributing to the development of the economy of RA in IT and construction sectors. In 2018, IUNetworks appeared in International markets as well. Thanks to his visionary thinking, this IT company is entering into foreign markets with big steps. Alexander Yesayan is the Co-founder and Shareholder of Ucom LLC since 2007. Ucom was the first in Armenian market with its innovative solutions and triple service, that is, Internet, fixed telephony and IPTV with one and the same cable. In 2016 Ucom acquired 100% shares of Orange Armenia. Mr. Yesayan led the integration process of Orange Armenia to Ucom, being the Chief Executive Officer of Orange Armenia for the period of 7 months. His motivational leadership, deep business understanding and analytical thinking contributed to the smooth and successful merger, registered in April 2016. By this huge acquisition Ucom added mobile services to the existing three ones. Alexander Yesayan is the Co-founder and Shareholder of Team Telecom Armenia (TEAM LLC). Currently, Team Telecom Armenia, is in the stage of finalizing the deal with Veon Armenia, that is a purchase of 100% shares of Veon Armenia by Team LLC. Team Telecom Armenia is now implementing the legal merger of these two companies, having the permission by two government bodies: PSRC and SCPEC. As a result of merge TEAM LLC will be a new established company fully owned by Armenian capital. Aleksandr Yesayan obtained his master’s degree in the Academy of Finance in the Republic of Armenia and is qualified as Economist in the field of Finances and Credit. He obtained his certificate of completion in Stanford Executive Program in Stanford University, Graduate School of Business.