Matthias Ifesieh is a professional in IT Security and Management with international, industry, and entrepreneurial antecedents. Currently, Matthias is the president of Sagita Systems Ltd., an IT & Management Consulting firm serving both the public sector and organized private sector segments. He has been a member of the ITAN board and a key member of the think-tank team of ITAN for over 12 years now ; contributing immensely to the growth of ICT in Nigeria vide ITAN and WITSA programs: Having joined WITSA membership in 2009 WCIT in the Hague, Netherlands. Matthias had in 2009, collaborated with the US-MAC (United States Market Access Center) under the sponsorship of the San Jose State University Foundation for Business incubation programs of the US in the Silicon Valley. Matthias has also been a full member of the San Jose Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Silicon Valley, California, since 2010. As an accomplished IT professional with over 30 years of industry experience, Matthias has held various responsible industry roles in ICT, Marketing management, Human capital development, top-tier management consulting, and Public sector policy consulting and project management across multiple sectors of the economy. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree and Master degree in management Sciences. As a professional with skills-set in strategy, research, problem solving, and organization, his interests and passion is in promoting WITSA,s values & vision to be accessed by many underserved African nations –ultimately bridging the digital divide and increasingly fulfilling the promise of the digital age for a better world; a greater future for the generations to come.