Mr. Gutiérrez has a diversified professional career in business and government as senior officer, high-level government functionary and as business consultant. He has been involved for 30+ years in ICT Sector. He is an entrepreneur and has been CEO and Board Director at important companies in the industry. He is the Founding Partner of Focalta, a consulting firm to Telcos, CATV providers, electricity utilities, private equity funds the Mexican Federal Government and Telecomm regulators in the Americas. Focalta has also established partnerships with global consulting firms focusing in business growth, technology and telecom regulations. He established AT&T in Mexico, was a Partner and VP in Booz Allen Hamilton, was the President and CEO of Bestel, the third largest fiber optics backbone network in Mexico and led TELMEX international business for 7 seven years. Mr. Gutierrez was Chairman of the Board of CANIETI the Mexican ICT industry association and he was Chairman of WITSA from 2012-2016. He is also Director at the Advisory Board of IFT, the Mexican Telecomm and Broadcasting regulatory authority. Mr. Gutierrez holds an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a BBA from Universidad Anahuac in Mexico City.