WITSA Announces 2022 Global Innovation and Tech Excellence Award Winners

Apr 25

WITSA Announces 2022 Global Innovation and Tech Excellence Award Winners:
Winners demonstrated excellence in improving the human condition through digital innovation and public-private partnerships

Penang, Malaysia: On the second day of the 2022 World Congress on Innovation and Technology (WCIT 2022), the World Innovation, Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) announced that 20 private and public sector organizations from four different continents were selected to receive the 2022 WITSA Global Innovation and Tech Excellence Awards, a special WITSA Chairman’s Award as well as two WITSA Eminent Person Awards. Two lifetime achievement awards were also given as well as an inaugural WCIT MVP Award. WITSA is the leading recognized voice of the global digital technology industry, whose members from over 80 countries and economies represent more than 90% of the world’s tech market. The WITSA Awards recognize the entities that made the most significant contributions to mankind in 2022.

“The Selection committee for the 2022 the Global Innovation and Tech Excellence Awards had the honor of reviewing well over 100 well-qualified, unique and remarkable award submissions,” said WITSA Chairman Yannis Sirros. “I would also like to congratulate all of the winners for the superb job that they are doing in bringing the benefits of digital technology to children, citizens, governments, education, science, healthcare, the environment, industries and societies as well as nearly every aspect of our life; thus, contributing to WITSA’s vision of Fulfilling the Promise of the Digital Age as well as the theme of this congress; “Connecting and Transforming the World,” continued Mr. Sirros.

The Awards also recognized a mobile wallet and payment gateway that improves the way we make payments and solve the fundamental problem of access to finance; an electronic invoicing application allowing users to easily, instantly, create digital invoices, and send them via email; a software developer that digitizes and automates site processes for the building and infrastructure industry that revolutionize field management with digitization and construction utilizing artificial intelligence (AI); an IT management system for renewable energy sources production licensing; and a digital health quality management platform delivering the core infrastructure needed to introduce digital health safely;

Governments were also recognized for the world’s largest public web portal for its outstanding contribution to information and services delivery of government services in an accountable, transparent, and inclusive manner; a city adopting diverse information technologies in order to transform itself as a sustainable, low carbon emissions, green and people-centric smart city with a data-driven governance and economy; a local authority that built a sustainable transportation system though mobility-as-a-service (MaaS); a government that embarked on a multi-phased, long-term plan taking advantage of advanced IoT and analytics technologies to build a truly “holistic” Smart City; a laboratory and project implementation using smartphones and a IOT platform for enriching home-based teaching and learning; and a corporate open online course (CooC)-cloud that breaks through traditional blackboard-based teaching methods by introducing digital technologies such as AR and simulation animation for teachers and students to use in and after class and closing parent-teacher distance as well as reducing the workload of school administrative staff.

“The nominations submitted to this year’s awards program spanned WITSA’s entire global membership, from Egypt to Bangladesh, from Argentina to the United Kingdom and beyond”, stated WITSA’s Secretary General, Dr. Jim Poisant. “We are delighted that we will be able to recognize some of the very best ICT solutions from governments, institutions, individuals, and industry”, continued Dr. Poisant.

The WITSA Global Innovation and Tech Excellence Awards is one of WITSA’s most popular programs. Started over 20 years ago, at the 2000 World Congress on IT in Taipei, WITSA has – as the leading recognized international voice of the global tech industry – utilized its unprecedented reach into the digital industry in over 80 countries, from Australia and New Zealand to Bangladesh and Malaysia, to South Africa and Nigeria, to Argentina and Canada, in order to select the most impactful and innovative candidates from every corner of the world.

Over the past 22 years, WITSA has recognized its award winners on the world stage, starting in Taipei, to Adelaide (Australia), Athens (Greece), Austin (Texas), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Montreal (Canada), Guadalajara (Mexico), Brasilia (Brazil), Hyderabad (India), Yerevan (Armenia), Penang (Malaysia), Dhaka, Bangladesh, and now Penang, Malaysia.

“What makes the Global Innovation and Tech Excellence Awards unique is that nominations are made by experts that know the industry best; the national and regional WITSA tech industry member associations” said WITSA CEO Dato’ Dan E. Khoo. “With unparalleled insight, the most innovative and impactful solutions are brought before an independent panel of judges, consisting of select industry leaders and luminaries from key international organizations, corporations and government entities, who spent countless hours reviewing submissions from all around the world”.

The following are the winners of the 2022 WITSA Global Innovation and Tech Excellence Awards:

  1. 2022 Chairman’s Award: Aspire to Innovate (a2i) Programme, ICT Division. Solution name: National Portal Framework (Bangladesh)
  2. 2022 Digital Opportunity/Inclusion Award (Private Sector/NGO):
    – Khalti Digital wallet (Sparrow Pay Private Limited)
    – Epsilon Smart: Οn Cloud Platform for SMEs
  3. 2022 Digital Opportunity/Inclusion Award (Public Sector): Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)
  4. 2022 Smart Cities Award (Private Sector/NGO):
    – “Novade Solutions” by Novade
    – Chipside Ltd
  5. 2022 Smart Cities Award (Public Sector):
    – Taoyuan City Government: Smart Sustainable City – Constructing Taoyuan Digital Citizen Ecosphere
    – Taipei City Government: Smart Taipei Living Lab – Social Innovation Ecosystem
  6. 2022 Sustainable Growth Award/Circular Economy Award (Private Sector/NGO):
    – cosmoONE: IT Management System for Renewable Energy Sources Production Licensing
  7. 2022 Sustainable Growth Award/Circular Economy Award (Public Sector):
    – Kaohsiung City Government: Towards Sustainable Transport through MaaS
    – INTRACOM TELECOM: uiTOP™ Unified IoT Orchestration Platform & Smart City Solutions suite
  8. 2022 Innovative E-Health Solutions Award (Private Sector/NGO): ORCHA
  9. 2022 Innovative E-Health Solutions Award (Public Sector):
    – Covid-19 National Dashboard (Bangladesh)
    – IDIKA S.A.: E-Government Center for Social Security – MyHealth app
  10. 2022 Public/Private Partnership Award (Private Sector/NGO):
    – THETA TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD: Accrual Accounting System for State Government (iSPEKS)
    – Acer e-Enabling Service Business Inc. (AEB) and Taiwan Ministry of Culture: Taiwan i-Registration Platform of Cultural Events
  11. 2022 Public/Private Partnership Award (Public Sector): Directorate General of Highways, MOTC, R.O.C.: The 3rd Generation Motor Vehicle and Driver Information System (M3)
  12. 2022 E-Education & Learning Award (Private Sector/NGO): InterBrain
  13. 2022 E-Education & Learning Award (Public Sector):
    – Lab@Home with ThingsSentral: Laboratory & Project Implementation Using Smartphones & IOT Platform for Enriching Home-Based Teaching & Learning
    – Department of Education, Taipei City Government
  14. 2022 Emerging Digital Solutions Award: nvbird offshore, Bird Detection and Monitoring System

WITSA bestowed its highest award, the Eminent Person Award to Dato’ Hock E. Tan, one of this generation’s technology pioneers and a significant philanthropist, and Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, a Malaysian politician, author, and physician who served as the fourth and seventh prime minister of Malaysia.

Lifetime Achievement Awards were given to WITSA Chairman Mr. Yannis Sirros and WITSA Secretary General Dr. Jim Poisant for their dedication and contributions to WITSA and the digital industry. For more than twenty years, Mr. Sirros and Dr. Poisant have worked tirelessly to growing WITSA as the recognized voice of the global tech industry, and to make the WCIT the must-attend “Olympics” of the technology and innovation industry.

Finally, The Right Honorable Chow Kon Yeow, Chief Minister of Penang, was given the 2022 WCIT Most Valuable Person Award, which recognizes the leadership and tremendous strides made by an individual in advancing the ideals embodied by the spirit of the WCIT.

The 2022 WITSA Awards received a large number of highly qualified nominees, amassed though WITSA’s network of ICT industry associations across the globe. WITSA therefore decided to also recognize a number of noteworthy Runners-up and Merit winners. While not being selected as winners of one of the award categories, these nominees nevertheless displayed first-rate use and innovation of ICT.

On September 12h, WITSA recognized 7 Runner-up and 6 Merit awards. All winners of the 2022 WITSA Awards are profiled in detail below:


The World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) is the leading recognized international voice of the global ICT industry, whose members from over 80 countries and economies represent more than 90 percent of the world ICT market.  WITSA is dedicated to advocating policies that advance industry growth and development; facilitating international trade and investment in ICT products and services; strengthening WITSA’s national industry associations; and providing members with a broad network of professional contacts.  WITSA hosts the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT), the premier global industry sponsored ICT conference.

WITSA members are leaders in a globally interconnected marketplace. Because the challenges facing the ICT industry are undisputedly global in nature, WITSA members work together to achieve a shared vision on important issues of common interest. WITSA makes it possible for its members — ranging from Mongolia and Argentina to Kenya and the United States — to identify common issues and priorities, exchange valuable information, and present a united position on industry issues.

For more information on WITSA, please visit www.witsa.org


Dato’ Hock E. Tan

This year, we’re pleased to honor Dato’ Hock E. Tan, President and CEO of Broadcom, as one of the recipients. Born and raised in Penang, Malaysia, Dato’ Tan completed his education in the United States – first at MIT and then at Harvard Business School. He returned to Malaysia in the early 1980s to take on a leadership role at Hume Industries, in the building materials space.

In 2006, Dato’ Tan became CEO of Avago Technologies in California, a spin-out of the legacy Hewlett Packard semiconductors team. Avago later acquired Broadcom Corporation in 2016 and rebranded itself as the “Broadcom” you all know today as one of the largest technology enterprises in the world. Since Dato’ Tan became President and CEO in 2006, Broadcom has grown into one of the world’s leading infrastructure technology companies, and currently ranks among the top 50 largest companies by market capitalization – and top 10 for technology companies – within the S&P 500.

Dato’ Tan’s philanthropic contributions are equally impressive. Over the last decade, he has made substantial donations to autism and disabilities-related research through the creation of research centers at Cornell, Harvard and MIT in the United States.

As the father of adult children on the autism spectrum, his hope is that pulling together a critical mass of resources with these centers will catalyze much more work in this area.

In short, Dato’ Tan has become one of this generation’s technology pioneers, while recognizing the importance of helping the next generation. Malaysia is fortunate to have Dato’ Tan representing the best qualities of our country.

It’s WITSA’s honor to present one of the 2022 Eminent Person Awards to Dato’ Hock Tan for his outstanding leadership in using innovation and technology to create value for millions of people.

Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, a Malaysian politician, author and physician who served as the fourth and seventh Prime Minister of Malaysia. He held office from July 1981 to October 2003 and later from May 2018 to March 2020 for a cumulative grand total of 24 years, making him the country’s longest-serving prime minister.

Born in 1925, Tun Dr. Mahathir studied medicine in Singapore. But way before he served the country via politics, he served the people as a physician in government service upon his graduation, before returning to his hometown of Alor Setar, Kedah to open his own successful practice in 1957.

A visionary leader with often controversial and transformational ideas, Tun was also passionate about science and technology. It was during his tenure as Prime Minister that science and technology assumed prominence in national planning. The first Science Advisor was appointed during his time. Many scientific institutions were established during his term to help drive the country’s science and technology agenda. Even to this day, his passion for science has not withered. He remains a strong believer in the power of science and technology in nation building.

The launching of the National Car, Proton; the blast into orbit of MEASAT1; the creation of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) are just a few of the Science and Technology projects that were implemented under his leadership that successfully elevated Malaysia onto the world stage.

Past achievements are too numerous to list, but notable ones also include spearheading the modernisation of the country through the construction of the North-South Expressway, and his push for various infrastructure development and prestige projects such as the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Petronas Twin Towers. It is through these accomplishments and more that have earned him the sobriquet of Malaysia’s Father of Modernisation (Bapa Pemodenan).

It’s WITSA’s honor to present the other Eminent Person Award to Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad for his outstanding leadership in the use of Innovation & Technology to better the lives of millions.


Mr. Yannis Sirros, WITSA chairman

Mr. Yannis Sirros is one of the longest-serving WITSA Directors, having joined its Board in 2002. In 2004, Mr. Sirros managed and organized a highly successful World Congress in Athens, which was attended by over 2,000 delegates from 67 countries and featured a top-notch program with keynotes by Professor Nicholas Negroponte of MIT Media Lab, Dr. Vint Cerf –the “co-Father of the Internet” -and also a speaker at this the 2022 World Congress in Penang-, Robert Bishop of SGI, Michel Fromont of NEC Computers, Mr. Risto Siilasmaa, of F-Secure, and many others. From 2012 to 2018, Mr. Sirros served as WITSA’s Vice Chairman for Europe, helping to drive member recruitment and engagement. In the two years before becoming WITSA Chairman, from 2018 to 2020, Sirros worked as Deputy Chairman. Following his successful tenure in WITSA at the conclusion of the 2022 World Congress in Penang, Mr. Sirros will embark on his next phase as WITSA Chairman Emeritus.

Dr. Jim Poisant, WITSA Secretary general

As everyone in the WITSA community knows, no one has had a bigger part in the success of WITSA than WITSA Secretary General Dr. Jim Poisant. His tenure extends all the way back to 1996 in Bilbao, Spain, when he first started planning for his first World Congress which took place in Fairfax, Virginia in 1998. Dr. Poisant grew WITSA from being a subsidiary of an American member association to having its own independent Secretariat and extending over a 26 year period. Moreover, Poisant’s dedication to the WITSA global community has been obvious to everyone who knows him. The WITSA Congresses of the last few decades could not have happened without him. His professionalism and dedication and unique insights contributed more to WITSA’s growth as the voice of the global tech industry than anyone else. Dr. Poisant retires from WITSA at the end of September 2022.

WCIT 2022 MVP Award

The Right Honorable Chow Kon Yeow, Chief Minister of Penang

The WCIT Most Valuable Person Award recognizes the leadership and tremendous strides made by an individual in advancing the ideals embodied by the spirit of the WCIT. The recipient of this inaugural award has demonstrated inspirational leadership, outstanding resolve and dedication in the pursuit of a better future for millions under his care.

Under his strong leadership, Penang is making great strides in transforming itself from an industrialized economy with an excellent E&E base into a digitally advanced state that brings positive participation and impact to everyone under the Penang2030 vision. Under his stewardship, Penang has achieved record numbers in terms of investments, trade surplus and jobs.

Phase 2 of Penang2030 brings a three-pronged approach to build further on Penang’s manufacturing ecosystem, broaden the investor base and prepare for the digital future – one where governance, economy, community and infrastructure contribute towards a Digital Penang. As such, it is most apt that the inaugural award goes to the Right Honorable Tuan Chow Kon Yeow, the Chief Minister of Penang, whose inspirational leadership and steadfast determination also paved the way for the fantastic staging of the WITSA World Congress this week.


Aspire to Innovate (a2i) Programme, ICT Division. Solution name: National Portal Framework (Bangladesh)

All information and services in one address: with this goal in mind, Aspire to Innovate (A2I) is implementing the Bangladesh National Portal in collaboration with all departments. It is considered as the world’s largest government web portal (www.bangladesh.gov.bd) that has been awarded the WSIS Award in 2015 by the UN specialized agency ITU for its outstanding contribution to information and services. In addition, the National Information Window has been awarded the PRESIDENT’S AWARD of The Open Group in 2017. There are 50,000+ government offices attached to this framework, from the union level to the ministry, which is unique as an example and a significant achievement in building a digital Bangladesh

Aspire to Innovate (A2I) is working closely to implement the Government of Bangladesh’s agenda ‘’Digital Bangladesh’’ and to help drive the country towards Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. In using the National Portal Framework, government institutions at the national to union (small administrative unit) levels are able to deliver public services, in a more accountable, transparent, and inclusive manner. This initiative was a nation’s dream, which we commonly call Digital Bangladesh. So special emphasis is given on the application of digital technologies to realize Vision 2021.By 2021, after 50 years of independence, our goal is to be a middle-income country with peace, prosperity and dignity. The government of Bangladesh implemented a large number of projects relating to digital technologies. Bangladesh National Portal is one of the big initiatives to embrace digital government. By understanding the necessity of easy, affordable and reliable access to quality public services for all citizens of Bangladesh, emerging and frontier technologies were integrated into this initiative.

Bangladesh National Portal is an excellent innovation that has resulted in positive changes in administrative procedures and service delivery which is automatically enhancing the effectiveness of public institutions. It has created and added new benefits for the people through quality improvement of government services. It has created opportunities to provide many more services in a short time. The time, cost in receiving the services has been reduced as compared to the past.

This initiative is continuously encouraging the citizens of Bangladesh to use technology to provide information and access government benefits. By creating a modern, technology based administrative system, it is establishing good infrastructure and ensuring good governance through various innovations. Bangladesh National Portal is ensuring accountability of government employees by making government employees modern and technology dependent as well as facilitating all government facilities to the people. The government plans to provide high-speed broadband internet connections to all public universities, colleges and training institutes as part of its ‘Digital Bangladesh’ initiative.

Contact: Dr. Dewan Muhammad Humayun Kab, Project Director – a2i (Joint Secretary)
E-mail: dewan.kabir@a2i.gov.bd | Phone: + 8801715616649
Nominated by: BCS, Bangladesh
For more information, see: Award Nomination | My Digital Bangladesh: a2i for Innovation


Khalti Digital wallet (Sparrow Pay Private Limited) – Nepal

Khalti is a mobile wallet, payment gateway & service provider in Nepal. Khalti launched in the year 2017 at CAN InfoTech with the vision to improve the way we make payments and solve the fundamental problem of ‘Access to Finance’. Khalti is operated and owned by Sparrow Pay Pvt. Ltd. Khalti offers payment solutions to over hundreds of merchants and millions of users across Nepal and provide seamless payments using e-banking, smart banking, cards, and wallet. Being not just limited to mobile app users, Khalti has more than 50,000 POS and Agent networks providing Khalti services to end-users.

Khalti aims to contribute our best in promoting digital inclusivity, imparting digital awareness, and providing digital opportunities to those in need. Our goal includes benefitting rural women to achieve their financial independence. They can carry out digital transactions with increased control over finances, increased productivity, higher financial privacy, and also Income generating opportunities for the women engaged in informal MSMEs. Currently, Khalti can be accessed by people with different kinds of disabilities, except for the visually impaired in the current context. It is in Khalti’s goal to be able to introduce voice commands (IVR) to assist the visually impaired. We aim to empower the underprivileged to be financially independent and more digitally equipped.

Contact: Binay Khadka, CEO
Email: binay@khalti.com Phone/Mobile: +977 9801856380
For more information, see the Award Nomination

Epsilon Smart: Οn Cloud Platform for SMEs

Epsilon Smart is an electronic invoicing application allowing you to easily, instantly, create digital invoices, and send them via email. Aimed at Small to Medium businesses, professionals and freelancers. Epsilon Smart platform operates on cloud providing a full digital and comprehensive framework for daily commercial activities. In parallel, competitive advantages of the system are: a. interoperability with the Greek Independent Public Revenues Authority platform, named “myDATA” and b. the online connection with the software that accounting solution providers are using in order to support the SMEs operation and tax issues. m

myDATA platform and the digital framework for SMEs are a crucial step towards the digital transformation of the Greek Tax Administration and its relationship with Greek tax entities despite of their size. In order to comply with the tax regulations, SMEs need an easy-to-use solution that fully automates the declaration of their daily Revenue/Expenses’ transactions to myDATA platform. More than 80.000 Small to Medium businesses, professionals and freelancers are currently using Epsilon Smart (www.epsilonsmart.gr). Epsilon Smart assists the user to issue their invoices electronically and transfer the obligatory data to AADE myDATA platform (IPRA) easily, quickly, and reliably. In addition, Epsilon Net Group’s technology expertise and legislation knowledge ensures the solution’s compliance to any change of legislation, via constantly online updated versions.

Epsilon Net Group was the first certified provider for digital tax transactions with the name Epsilon Digital (https://www.aade.gr/adeiodotimena-logismika-parohon-ilektronikis-timologisis).

Contact: Maria Karali, Marketing Manager
Tel: +30 2111080000 Ext. 2736
Email: m.karali@epsilonnet.gr
For more information, see the Award Nomination; Presentation


Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) is the agency under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia leading the digital transformation of the economy since 1996. MDEC aims to enable a progressive, innovation-led digital economy. On 4 July 2022, the Government of Malaysia launched Malaysia Digital, the initiative to accelerate the growth of the nation’s digital economy for the benefit of Keluarga Malaysia.

Driven by the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia (K-KOMM) through Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Malaysia’s lead digital economy agency, Malaysia Digital is a national strategic initiative by the Government to encourage and attract companies, talents and investment while enabling Malaysian businesses and the Rakyat to play a leading part in the global digital economy. Malaysia Digital is the initiative to succeed MSC Malaysia, which has served to transform Malaysia into a knowledge-based economy since 1996. With a new and enhanced framework, the new initiative seeks to enhance the nation’s digital capabilities and boost the digital economy.

Since 1996, MDEC has played an important role in transforming the Malaysian Digital Economy. Currently, the digital economy contributes 22.6% to Malaysia’s GDP and is expected to contribute 25.5% to the national GDP by 2025.

MDEC also played an important role in WCIT 2022 as a strategic enabler.

Contact: Khairul Mizan Bin Shagul Hamid
Email: khairul.mizan@mdec.com.my  Phone/Mobile: +6012-6550831
More information: Award nomination; Website; Facebook; Twitter @mymdec


“Novade Solutions” by Novade

Novade is a leading field management software developer for the building and infrastructure industry. Novade digitizes and automates site processes including quality, safety, progress monitoring, workforce management, and maintenance. Powerful analytics provides insights for customers to streamline operations and drive results. Leading contractors, real estate developers, owners, and operators around the world trust Novade to drive their digital transformation. Founded in 2014, Novade is headquartered in Singapore and operates globally with offices in Paris, London, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Tokyo, Sydney, New Delhi, Bangkok, Beijing, and Beirut.

Novade’s vision is to revolutionize field management with digitization and construction Artificial Intelligence (AI). We aim to bring together the power of man and machine so that construction site data can be captured and translated using analytics and AI, and decisions can be made in real time, on or off the field. We want to create an industry where everyone goes home safety when AI predicts incidents before they happen. They are working with clients on projects in over 20 countries across Asia and Europe. Novade has been implemented by over 100,000 users across the world. Our platform is well suited for main contractors, sub-contractors, specialty contractors, property developers, homebuilders, interior designers, and civil engineers

Contact: Harpreet Kaur, Marketing Specialist
Email: harpreet.kaur@novade.net Phone/Mobile: +65 9870 7835
More information:  Award nomination; Overview.

Chipside Ltd.

Chipside is a specialist software development company providing products and services to around a quarter of local and regional government traffic authorities in the UK. They have been developing advancements in smart parking technology to maintain personal mobility while achieving net zero, reducing congestion, protecting the economy, both personal and societal. Innovate UK have funded a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) that will support Chipside Ltd in setting out a strategic systems roadmap to 2025, which brings local government parking, city access, and vehicle movement in line with the ten-point plan set out by local government. The KTP will combine specially developed algorithms with the latest thinking in AI applications. This will enable Chipside Ltd to develop a suite of real-time AI decision services, designed to enable local authorities to better understand and control their regional transport networks.

CONTACT Paul Moorby, CEO Co-Founder, Chipside
Email: paul.moorby@chipside.com Phone/Mobile: +44 (0)345470900
More information: Nomination Document; Chipside Website; University awarded new KTP with Chipside Ltd to develop AI analysis of driver behavior]


Taoyuan City Government: Smart Sustainable City – Constructing Taoyuan Digital Citizen Ecosphere

Since December 2014, Taoyuan became one of Taiwan’s six special municipalities. As an airport city, Taoyuan is an East Asian transport hub, through which one can easily travel to other major East Asian cities. In 2017, the fast and accessible MRT Taoyuan Airport Line debuted, effectively connecting the airport and the high-speed railway, making commutes between Taoyuan and other cities even more easier. Thanks to Taoyuan’s convenient location and transport, the city has developed recently with a fast pace. More and more people are moving to Taoyuan city, making the city one with the highest population growth. Migrants include Hoklo, Hakka, indigenous peoples, and most numerous of them all, migrant workers from South-East Asia. Together they enrich the city, contributing to a diverse social and cultural scene in Taoyuan.

By adopting diverse information technologies, Taoyuan aims to transform itself as a sustainable, low carbon emissions, green and people-center smart city. Right now, Taoyuan is building up its intelligent brain and the digital living ecosystem of citizens in order to achieve data-driven governance and economy.

Contact: Tai, Hung-Chieh, Section Head
Email: 10034462@mail.tycg.gov.tw Phone/Mobile: +886-3-3322101#6963
More information:  Nomination Document; Video

Taipei City Government: Smart Taipei Living Lab – Social Innovation Ecosystem

For Taipei City, “Smart city” is a dynamic process that adjusts to the needs of the city at any time, in turn enabling the municipality to answer quickly to the needs of citizens. Therefore, to promote Taipei City as a sustainable and livable city for citizens, under the authorization of Taipei City Government, Department of Information Technology established the “Taipei Smart City Project Management Office (TPMO)” in 2016 to accelerate digital transformation and facilitate digital governance. With the concept of ‘Government as a Platform, City as a Living Lab’, Taipei City opens public test field and introduces creativity and resource from collaborative private sectors to promote both Top-down and Bottom-up proof of concept (PoC) projects. By bringing together public departments and private companies with cutting-edge solutions, creating Public-Private Partnership, Taipei City embraces innovation and hence facilitates Smart Taipei. In addition, by creating the mechanism on having adopting proof of concept (PoC) project (project) for collaborative public and private sectors, the public departments don’t need to be afraid of falling failure directly connecting to cost-effectiveness and efficacy of departments’ budget anymore.

Contact: Amanda YEH, Manager of Marketing and Public Relations, Taipei Smart City Project
anagement Office Email: amanda.tpmo@gmail.com Phone/Mobile: +886-2-2720-8889 ext.1515 ext.281/ +886-912-161-555
More information: Nomination Document; Videos


cosmoONE: IT Management System for Renewable Energy Sources Production Licensing

One of the most important problems that humanity is called upon to confront, is the climate change, caused by the ongoing destruction of the environment, due to pollution and over usage of resources. Among the key actions taken, is the emerging shift of Energy production from Fossil to Renewable Energy Sources (RES), so that future generations will be able to enjoy continuous prosperity without damaging the environment and compromising the quality of life. RES apart from technology, is a matter of systematic study, planning, financing, constructing, licensing and operating expensive assets and investments. Information Technology is the enabler for Governments, Authorities, and Investors to collaborate along the journey of RES projects, from its application inquiry till its connection on the grid, in order to be realized the earliest possible and with the minimum administration friction among the stakeholders. IT technology is the catalyst, by establishing automated rules and procedures to ensure equal treatment, transparency and accuracy of information, data and actions, aiming that the overall energy production transformation, will satisfy humans, companies, institutions, and fulfill the national Energy targets towards a sustainable future.

cosmoONE participation in WITSA 2022 awards, is related to its contribution to the fulfillment of the Greek RES energy targets in the period 2020-2022, as it provided complex I.T. systems to the Greek Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) for RES Applications and Production Licensing. cosmoONE after studying RAE requirements and the Legal Framework, analyzed, developed, supported, and maintained an IT “connected environment”, which assisted the participants along the entire process steps, i.e. from submitting their interest with declaring, filling, attaching, and validating data, to processing their inquiries with assigning, approving, communicating, paying, and authorizing engagements, till the final posting and issuing of the RES production license.

Contact: Mr. Thanassis Petmezas, CEO cosmoONE
Email: thanassis.petmezas@cosmo-one.gr Phone/Mobile: +30 6972217111
More information:  Nomination Document


Kaohsiung City Government: Towards Sustainable Transportation through MaaS

Kaohsiung is a city in transformation. While global climate change is creating more extreme weather events, the Kaohsiung City Government has long been committed to promoting mitigation and adaptation actions. Energy-saving, carbon reduction and circular developments are the top priorities in building more livable and sustainable city. According to the latest data, the net CO2 emissions of Kaohsiung City in 2020 were 53.31 million metric tons of CO2e, which was 19.4% lower than the base year (2005), far exceeding the 2025 target set by the central government. Kaohsiung City aims to be net-zero in 2050 and is committed to tackle this problem by introducing carbon reduction measures, which include having an orange and red line for MRT, and circular light rail, an introduction of shared vehicles including electric scooters and bikes such as YouBike 2.0 and Goshare for last mile travelling. Furthermore, the city also upgrades the current fleet of buses and boats with electric buses and boats. Lastly, the MeNGo (Mobility-as-a-Service) integrates the diversified transportation into one single large network to finish the last piece for the comprehensive completion of the interconnected and multimodal transportation network in Kaohsiung City.

Kaohsiung, being the first city to implement mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) in Asia, the green and low carbon transport network is made complete, as at present, 35% of the citizens who use MeNGo cards are transferred from the original car and motorcycle owners. It is obvious that such innovative services can indeed attract the public to change their habits of transportation, thereby reducing air pollution and the accident rate of riding motorcycles. MeNGo 2.0 had replaced the need of the MeNGo card with the QR cord feature app on the portable phone, both on android and iPhone. As of February 10, 2022, the members have exceeded 44,000. A cumulative 210,000 monthly passes have been sold, with over 12 million users.

Contact: Anderson Kuo, Project Manager of Kaohsiung Smart City Project Management Office
Email: andersonkuo@iii.org.tw Phone/Mobile: +886-936-229-211
More information : Nomination Document; Video

INTRACOM TELECOM: uiTOP™ Unified IoT Orchestration Platform & Smart City Solutions suite

A living example of a Smart City that puts the challenge of Environmental Protection and Sustainability high on its agenda, setting a solid course of action with the contribution of a reliable and experienced Technology Partner, jointly building a comprehensive, constantly evolving and future-proof solution for a Smarter City. A solution that addresses real problems, impacting directly and positively, the lives of the citizens.

The City of Belgrade, in an effort to address its operations & citizens lives’ challenges intelligently & effectively, embarked on a multi-phased, long-term plan, to take advantage of advanced IoT & Analytics technologies and build a truly “holistic” Smart City. The core idea was simple yet fundamental: all the critical factors of a modern city life will be monitored, analyzed and used so that the Authorities make the right decisions, with the right information, at the right time. Emphasis and priority were given to the Environment and the City Sustainability; a choice that obviously had a deep rationale backing it up, if one considers both the environmental conditions in Serbia and the city of Belgrade, but also the global situation and sensitivity in these areas.

Contact: Alexandros Tarnaris
Email: atarnar@intracom-telecom.com Phone/Mobile: +30210-6677027
More information: Nomination Document; Supporting Document



Orcha exists to make digital healthcare healthy. Their digital health quality management platform delivers the core infrastructure needed to introduce digital health safely. This award-winning technology is used by national bodies, healthcare providers and digital health innovators in twelve countries. It delivers a systematic approach to assessing, accrediting, deploying and embedding digital health technologies into clinical services and pathways, using a risk management approach, that has long been in place for medicine.

The Nordic region aims to be the most integrated health region in the world by 2030, according to the Nordic Council of Ministers. A shift towards digital health, and its focus on the self-management of health by Nordic populations, will be an important step on this journey, but it also brings new risks.  Despite the 350,000 digital health technologies on the market, no standardised regulation or risk management system is in place in any of the Nordic countries. This has left medical professionals unable to find and prescribe digital technologies safely.

To resolve this critical issue and lead the world in adopting connected health technologies on a large scale, the Nordic Digital Health and Evaluation Criteria (NordDEC) programme, has been created. The NordDEC is a world-first programme to unify digital health standards across multiple countries, delivering safe digital health across Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland. The accreditation framework was developed by UK-based, ORCHA, the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps, and the project is funded jointly by NIP and the Nordic healthtech industry.

Contact:  Liz Ashall-Payne, Orcha Founding CEO
Email: liz@orcha.co.uk Phone/Mobile: +44 (0) 1925 606542

More information:  Nomination Document; Orcha website; UK’s first digital health training programme for all NHS frontline staff; ORCHA’s Liz Ashall-Payne named Entrepreneur of the Year at Women in IT Awards; The world’s first cross-border digital health accreditation system to be launched at HIMMS Europe; New Digital Health Assessment Framework Launches in the US; ORCHA’s Founding CEO contributes to The Economist’s Technology Quarterly]


Covid-19 National Dashboard (Bangladesh)

The COVID-19 National Policy Dashboard is providing real-time disease progression monitoring, policy guidance to field administration and field health administration, real-time policy advocacy on resource allocation. Based on analysis of COVID-19 syndromic surveillance data, telco mobility data, telehealth data, confirmed case data, test data, test positivity, death data, hospitalization capacity data, analytics are developed to visualize real-time disease progression. The different sources are DHIS2, MIS, DGHS, IEDCR, DGHS Press Release, Worldometer etc. Everyday a large volume of structured and unstructured data come to the a2i COVID-19 data warehouse. These whole datasets are analyzed by the renowned epidemiologists and data analysts and insights are created to inform management and policymakers.

The indicators of the dashboards are daily Case data analysis in bar chart and trendline, district-wise risk map, risk matrix (Based on positivity rate, case number and combined), hospital capacity, hospital-wise death etc. This dashboard not only visualizes the analytics but also generates policy recommendations for the field administrators. Currently, 64 Civil Surgeons, 64 Deputy Commissioners, 8 Divisional Commissioners, 8 Divisional Health Officers, and Senior Secretaries from various ministries are using the dashboard. It is assisting the Prime Minister’s Office, Cabinet Division, Health Ministry and field administration at Division, district levels to take prompt, needs based and high-impact interventions to help citizens to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 pandemic. The Risk Matrix generated on the dashboard shows clearly which districts have a high infection rate, allowing policymakers to take quick action. Weekly national and district-wise bulletin of the dashboard for field administration is circulated with district-wise Positive Case Location Analytics based on telco mobility data. The dashboard has become one of the priorities of national Covid-19 decision making. The analytical analysis of the dashboard supports the National Public Health Committee to take decisions on controlling disease spread, mobilizing health related resources, promoting health care and enforcing local administration.

Contact: Kawsar Hosan Data Innovation Associate, a2i
Email: kawsar.sojib@a2i.gov.bd Phone/Mobile: +88 01671800287
More information:  BCS Nomination

IDIKA S.A.: E-Government Center for Social Security – MyHealth app

As part of a comprehensive strategy for the digital transformation of health-related services in Greece, E-Government Center for Social Security (IDIKA) has developed the myHealth app which introduces a set of modern services to Greek citizens, reduces red-tape, ensures accountability and transparency, and sets the foundation for the development of new health and social security services. The eHealth app is available for Android and iOS smartphones and incorporates health related information to citizens as they have complete access to their health profiles. The application provides an environment for the management of prescriptions and medical referrals. In detail, citizens can receive through push notifications information for the next available prescription and referral, while they can access information related to the medicine they receive. Parents and custodians have also access to digital prescriptions of the children and their vaccination program. The application incorporates two-factor authentication login options and supports biometric access if users choose to opt in.

The eHealth app was launched in the autumn of 2021 and in the first months of availability, it has been downloaded more than 300,000 times. Since its launch, eHealth has provided citizens with credible and valuable details, while IDIKA plans the evolution of the app with further functionalities including notifications for preventive medical examinations and setting up appointments with their doctor. eHealth is an innovative, comprehensive, and trusted application that empowers citizens, provides clarity and accurate information, and enhances the confidence of citizens towards the National Health System in Greece.

Contact: Christina Tsallou, Executive Assistant
Email: tsallou@idika.gr Phone/Mobile:+30 213 216 8405 / +30 6944 811 568

More information: Nomination Document; Presentation; Digital medical certifications; More than 3,000,000 citizens making use of digital prescription; Health services for children and teenagers presented at the Prime Minister; About us; MyHealth Demo; MyHealthApp_Master; COSMOTE myHealth app


THETA TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD: Accrual Accounting System for State Government (iSPEKS)

The Malaysian Government Reform Finance Strategic Initiatives set the stage for the transition from Cash to Accrual Accounting allowing for more transparency and accountability. Theta Technologies SDN Bhd. Developed an accrual accounting system complement to SAGA compliance; Produce more accurate representation of actual financial position which allow more transparency and accountability for an organization; Empowering an organization to be financially accountable for their respective budgeting, revenues & expenditures; better financial management through complete view of an organization’s assets & liabilities

Contact: Wan Muhd Shukri Bin Wan Affandi, GM Theta Technologies Sdn Bhd
Email : wan.shukri@theta-edge.com Phone/Mobile : 03-7622 1188 / 019-912 2100
More information:  Nomination; Supporting Documentation

AEB (Acer e-Enabling Service Business Inc.) and Taiwan Ministry of Culture: Taiwan i-Registration Platform of Cultural Events

The Project is a partnership between Taiwan Ministry of Culture, the governing authority of cultural-related policy/infrastructure and the main promoter of art events in Taiwan, and Acer e-Enabling Service Business Inc. (hereafter AEB), an IT service provider for organizations looking for solutions of digital transformation. The Project set a goal at the inception to “increase public participation in cultural affairs, build open platforms for cultural exchange and presentation, and create a positive environment for the development of cultural industry,” through the nationwide promotion of culture and art activities on a well-architect information infrastructure for inquiry and registration.

The Taiwan i-Registration Platform of cultural events was built and operated live from 2013 until today, and in the process has implemented 15 module systems. The Project brings enormous benefits to not only the cultural industry but also the overall society. In a nutshell, up until now, the project has successfully recruited 29 venue operators to join the platform, covering 80% of the island’s public agencies offering the service, and about 11~12 art/cultural events of different nature were published each day through the platform.

Contact: Olive Chang, Marketing Manager
Email: Olive.C.Chang@aceraeb.com Phone/Mobile: (886)2-26963131# 5022 / (886) 909132661
More information: Nomination Document; Video


Directorate General of Highways, MOTC, R.O.C.: The 3rd Generation Motor Vehicle and Driver Information System (M3)

With the high intensity of traffic and transportation in Taiwan, several tens of thousands of vehicles circulating on the road on a daily basis, and with the various types of specialized vehicles, a comprehensive Motor Vehicle and Driver Information System (MVDIS) is necessary for traffic management purposes to ensure that all types of vehicles and road users are operating on the road under legal and compliant conditions, so as to ensure overall road safety. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC), Taiwan’s primary highway authority, has been working with the ICT industry since 2014 to establish a unique 3rd generation MVDIS to address the need for digital highway management, which has been undergoing intensive development over the past two years following the impact of the covid-19 pandemic, providing a better information infrastructure and improving the integration of online and offline services, offering one-stop motor vehicle office service. In addition, in response to the high popularity of smartphones and the internet in Taiwan, the MOTC has consolidated online services from the user’s perspective to provide comprehensive service chains from identification, service provision to fee payment; meanwhile, the MOTC has developed multiple service models for vehicles and drivers in response to different situations, which also plays a vital role in the post-pandemic industry relief solutions. Furthermore, through the integration of information and service APIs, monitoring data can be applied to more diversified aspects such as law enforcement and environmental protection, thereby refining the depth and breadth of digital governance and services in Taiwan.

The Directorate General of Highways of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and the domestic ICT industry have collaborated to build the 3rd generation highway surveillance system, which has become the core of traffic surveillance that can be expanded in G2S, G2C, G2G, G2B and other aspects under the guidance of the central government’s smart government and digital governance, based on the cornerstone of a complete and secure information system that continues to evolve and improve, and has become a model of public/private partnership. Progress is continuous; whether in the application of big data analysis on traffic data, the combination of AR/VR to provide possible road driving training, or the further refinement of mobile service experience, the next public/private partnership system must be further discussed and explored, combining the power of the government and industry to make Taiwan’s transportation smoother and more convenient, to achieve the goal of “people-oriented transportation.”

Contact: CHUN-JU, YU/ section Chief
Email: Carol@thb.gov.tw Phone/Mobile: +886-2-2720-0123 ext.5850
More information:   Nomination Document; Video



InterBrain is an EdTech start-up which innovates in the way of learning, empowering work teams with its own Immersive Learning Technology. They develop immersive learning solutions such as simulators in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 3D; these resources are deployed within our own platform with artificial intelligence “Interactive Academy” (www.interactive-academy.com), which allows organizations to use Training Analytics in order to improve corporate training processes, to reduce their hidden training and opportunity costs, to reduce workplace accident rates, a decrease in breakage and damage to expensive equipment; and retention of talent. On the other hand, it produces the benefit of having reliable data to manage the company efficiently. InterBrain’s clients are medium and large companies and organizations, with payrolls higher than 100 employees, which recognize the need to incorporate technology into their training processes and procedures. They seek to perform data-management of the company. Their corporate language is Spanish and/or English and they have teams in more than one location. They are mainly in large urban centers and/or industrial cordons of the Latin American and North American.

The market for this type of solution is global, given that it is an intangible product that can be easily distributed anywhere in the world and there is a high demand for this type of innovation. From the social point of view, our solutions have an impact as they improve the speed, ease and accessibility to acquire new skills by a person, equalizing opportunities in a world where technology advances are faster than what people can incorporate, making obsolete skills that hours ago were essential to obtain or develop a job. At the level of environmental impact, InterBrain’s solutions allow a considerable reduction in the use of materials, consumables and waste generation, thanks to the fact that the simulators allow training in a virtual environment with unlimited resources; For example, in a welding simulator, students do not need to use real consumables or energy. In fact, another improvement occurs when they allow remote training by the person, avoiding using a car or public transport. InterBrain plans to improve the quality of life, improve the knowledge and employability of 33.000 people per month in LATAM for 2023 with a growth rate of 100% for the following 5 years.

Contact: Jaime Alberto Aguiló Iztueta (Executive Director)
Email: alberto.aguilo@interbrainco.com Phone/Mobile: +54 9 261 525 5473
More information: Nomination Document; Corporate Brochure; Website


Lab@Home with ThingsSentral: Laboratory & Project Implementation Using Smartphones & IOT Platform for Enriching Home-Based Teaching & Learning

Numerous students worldwide had their education disrupted due to the spread of the viral COVID-19 recently. This constituted a challenge for the entire education community, forcing academics to adopt remote learning and novel techniques to conduct experiments. However, physical access to laboratory facilities were limited, and the unavailability of laboratory apparatus complicates the learning process. In our project, we utilized smartphones and a cloud-based IoT platform to enrich online teaching experience for students and educators during COVID-19 related lockdowns. Using built-in sensors in smartphones (such as light intensity sensor, proximity sensor, orientation sensor, position sensor, vibration sensor and noise measurement from microphone) students can collect data from the sensors available in the smartphone. The data captured will be uploaded to a central cloud platform called ThingsSentralTM. This enables students to create their own innovative and home-based experiments, such as (i) utilizing the phone’s light intensity and sound sensor to determine the optimal place to study in their home and (ii) utilizing the light sensor to determine the optimal location in their home for growing indoor plants (iii) using phones light sensor to determine the turbidity of water (iv) using orientation sensor to determine human joints angle during their movement and many others.

This approach is innovative because it enriches the learning process, which was done mostly using online platform such as Microsoft Team, with the ability to conduct projects and experiments from the student’s home without them having to come to school. It is also sustainable because most household with Internet connection have smartphones. It is easily scalable juts by increasing the IoT platform server capability without burdening the end user.

Traditionally the use of sensors is done in laboratories. To use sensors in their homes, usually students would have to use of microcontrollers and single board computers such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Not everyone has Arduino and raspberry PI at their home and not everyone is comfortable with microcontrollers and single board computer. Most students have smartphones in their home. Therefore, the use of smartphones as a device to acquire data and to enable the students to conduct projects and experiments in their home during COVID-19 related lockdown was very useful and enriches the learning process.

This innovation enriches the learning process because it incorporates physical project activities into the online learning process utilizing a tool that is mostly available in every household with internet connectivity. Even if the threat of academic institution closure due to COVID-19 is no longer eminent, the use of this approach still can be implemented in academic institution and benefits the society at large.

Contact: Assoc Prof Dr Mohamad Hanif Md Saad, Deputy Director, Institute of IR4.0 UKM
Group Leader, CAISER Research Group, Fac. of Eng. & Built Env. UKM.
Email : hanifsaad@ukm.edu.my Phone/Mobile :+60196669395
More information: Nomination Document; Presentation; Video

Department of Education, Taipei City Government

Taipei City Government, Department of Education’s Taipei corporate open online course (Cooc) Cloud 4.0 creates an Interactive social media for Parents, Teachers, and Students. Since 2016, Taipei CooC-Cloud gathered course teachers in Taipei and recorded more than 11,248 online learning videos covering a total of 24 subjects from elementary school to high school. In addition, 21 electronic databases were developed. Taipei CooC-Cloud breaks through traditional blackboard-based teaching methods by introducing such digital technologies as AR and simulation animation for teachers and students to use in and after class. The introduction of such new technologies allows students to understand the contents lectured more deeply. In 2021, an upgraded version of Taipei CooC-Cloud was launched, and a CooC APP was developed as a parent-teacher-student platform, effectively closing parent-teacher distance and reducing the workload of school administrative staff. In addition, it offers the functions of electronic contact books, online survey forms, campus electronic payments, activity registration, score query and more. Therefore, apart from assisting students in their studies, CooC-Cloud strives to satisfy their daily needs in a smarter world.

COOC 4.0 uses technology to facilitate the establishment of a highly interactive community for parents, teachers and students, and to integrate intelligent administration, teaching and learning. Moreover, the COOC 4.0 will also expand smart campus projects such as smart health care and open up any service that can meet the needs of parents, teachers and students. Taipei City will establish account integration and standardized specifications and provide opportunities for various services to hit the shelves. Taipei City will also provide a platform for technology education service providers who are interested in cooperating with the city to showcase and try out the functions for parents, teachers and students with a view to creating a new type of business model.

Contact: Kuo Pei-Chi
Email: edu_ict.15@mail.taipei.gov.tw Phone/Mobile:886+2-27208889#1239
More information: Nomination Document; Video


nvbird offshore, Bird Detection and Monitoring System

As more and more wind parks are built around the world, low-conflict areas for wind turbines are becoming scarce, the global need for bird protection is rising and there is also a clear need for more accurate and reliable solutions. For the first time an innovative system combines radars and cameras to achieve the required accuracy and reliability and at the same time to maximize wind turbine availability. The system can be installed at offshore wind parks and at large flat areas where onshore wind parks are located.

nvbird® is a new innovative system for offshore wind farms that combines 3D radars and cameras to achieve the required accuracy, reliability and at the same time maximize the electricity production of wind turbines. The system consists of a very powerful server, capable of processing high-resolution images quickly, data from 3D radars, from ultra-high resolution 12MPixels cameras with starlight technology that allow the system to capture high-resolution color images, even in low light conditions, thermal cameras for night, fog or bad weather conditions and optional speakers that emit a special sound (ASR) that targets the birds’ auditory reflexes, deterring birds without disturbing them. Another key feature and advantage of the system is the use of an artificial intelligent (AI) algorithm that distinguishes birds from anything else that moves with great accuracy and efficiency. The software and the algorithm are based on artificial intelligence, artificial vision, machine learning and have been developed in collaboration with a large team of ornithologists, who have implemented the data annotation, i.e., the analysis and interpretation of the visual recordings, the detection, marking, categorization and classification of birds. This work has been done on a sufficient database of photographs and videos of birds. Whenever the system needs to be trained to identify a new species, or if a bird is not successfully identified and is simply categorized as small, medium or large, the team of ornithologists step-in to update the database. This method has created and continues to improve a huge database (dataset) of images and characteristics of rare birds to be identified (bird size, special features, wing-opening shape, etc.). As the database is enriched and improved, the algorithm is retrained by machine learning and systems are updated online wherever in the world they are installed.

Contact: nvbird® – offshore
Email: io@nvisionist.com Phone/Mobile: +302103008269
More information: Nomination Document; Presentation; Video



SP Setia Berhad [Nomination email, Nomination Document; Supporting Deck] PIKOM, Malaysia


Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore: Robots4Autism [Nomination DocumentAppendix A Progress Report Card; Appendix B Parent Resource BookletAppendix B Parent Resource Booklet 2Appendix B Parent Resource Booklet 3Appendix B Parent Resource Booklet 4Appendix C Robots4Autism SlidesElla Robot’s Interface (picture)] SGTech, Singapore


Foot Care & Limb Design Centre, Tan Tock Seng Hospital:

Digitalization of Customized Orthoses and Prostheses [E-mailNomination Document]

SGTech, Singapore


Family of ventilators (BioVENT A Series) [E-mail; EITESAL Nominee ListSummaryBiovent Specs R2Biovent AllBioVent presentation PDF] EITESAL, Egypt


Babel Group, Microsoft, CCSS (Costar Rican Social Security Fund). Project Name: Covid-19 response system [CAMTC E-mailNomination Document] CAMTIC, Costa Rica


Nativa Digital – Zona ENARD [Nomination] CESSI, Argentina


Science and Technology for Autism Remediation (STAR) Limited Robot for Autism Behavioral Intervention® (RABI®) [HKTF Nominee listNomination Documentstar website_RABIstar website_RABI teamstar website_parent testimonials; star website_FAQReuters2021World University Ranking 2021Education Today2020Standard2018Learning and Teaching Expo 2018SCMP2017SCMP2016] HKITF, Hong Kong


Merit winners


Kaohsiung City Government / Smart Agriculture to Turbocharge Your Efforts – Agriculture Information All-In-One [CISA list of nomineesNomination DocumentVideo] CISA, Taiwan


MEDICAI: Bridging the Gap Between Patients and Doctors [ATIC NominationsNomination Document] ATIC, Romania


SPACE HELLAS [SEPE e-mailNomination Document] SEPE, Greece


IPMAGIX: Magix Museum [E-mail; EITESAL Nominee ListSummaryCompany PresentationUse CaseProduct Description] EITESAL, Egypt
.lumen – Empowering the Blind [ATIC NominationsNomination Document] ATIC, Romania
OPTIMUM DESK [ATIC NominationsNomination Document] ATIC, Romania



2022 Award Judges


Photo Name Title & Affiliation Bio
Mr. Yannis Sirros WITSA Chairman Mr. Yannis Sirros is one of the longest-serving WITSA Directors, having joined its Board in 2002. From 2012 to 2018, Mr. Sirros served as WITSA’s Vice Chairman for Europe, helping to drive member recruitment and engagement. In the two years before becoming WITSA Chairman, from 2018 to 2020, Sirros worked as Deputy Chairman and from 2020-2022 As Chairman. Following his successful tenure in WITSA at the conclusion of the 2022 World Congress in Penang, Mr. Sirros will embark on his next phase as WITSA Chairman Emeritus.
Dr. Jim Poisant WITSA Secretary General Jim Poisant was appointed the Secretary General of the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) in June 2006. In that capacity, he directs the day-to-day operations of the alliance. The WITSA alliance consists of over 80 leading ICT Associations from around the globe.
Dato’ Dan E. Khoo WITSA CEO Dato’ Dan E. Khoo was appointed CEO of WITSA on May 1, 2022. Dan organized the highly successful World Congress in Kuala Lumpur in 2008, which hosted more than 3,300 delegates from 92 countries, 105 speakers, and over $10 million in sponsorships! He has been involved with WITSA for more than 25 years, first as a speaker at the World Congress in Bilbao, Spain in 1996.
Mr. Nick Ashton-Hart Geneva Representative

Digital Trade Network (DTN)

Nick Ashton-Hart is the Geneva Representative of the Digital Trade Network. following on from his work over than a decade as the only Geneva-based representative from the technology sector to the UN, its specialized agencies, and member-state delegations.


Mr. Jeff Lande President at The Lande Group LLC Lande Group LLC operates as an advisory and government affairs firm. The Firm provides government relations, public affairs, coalition building, research, geopolitical and market analysis, business facilitation, and strategic planning services.
Dr. Michael R. Nelson Senior Fellow, Technology and International Affairs

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Dr. Mike Nelson is a senior fellow in the Carnegie Endowment’s Technology and International Affairs Program, which studies the implications of emerging technologies, including digital technologies, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence.


Mr. Patrice Chazerand Director for Digital Trade and Taxation – DIGITALEUROPE Patrice Chazerand is Director in charge of Digital Economy, Digital Taxation and Brexit groups at DIGITALEUROPE.