Global Business Exchange

Dec 11
Aug 28

LOGIN TO GBX TO REGISTER FOR GBX: Any WITSA Member may invite their members to register for the GBX. Pleasego to: MEMBER instead of VISITOR and a member of the GBX Team will reach out directly with directions on how to upload asset files, etc.RESOURCES:USER GUIDE FOR GBX USERSWatch the WITSA GBX Launch Video!GBX Soft Launch/Training Session recording from August 18, 2021.Frequently Asked Questions about the GBXExamples of Asset Files:FUSIONX LogoFUSIONX VideoFUSIONX Brochure-1-thumbFUSIONX Brochure-2-thumbFUSIONX Product A-brochure-1FUSIONX Product B-brochure-2FUSIONX Featured Product Image 1FUSIONX Featured Product Image 2Contact: If you have any questions about the WITSA Global BusinessExchange, please contact or your WITSA member representative.