WITSA Signs Global Industry Statement on Digital Labels

Aug 11
Aug 28

August 10, 2023: WITSA and several representatives of the global fashion and sportswear related industries, and its enablers and stakeholders urge supranational, national, and local authorities around the world to modernize their domestic textile, garment, footwear, and related accessories labeling requirements and legally allow and support the use of more sustainable and economic, digital labels for required labeling information.Shifting to the use of digital labels would significantly reduce labeling waste and significantly aid in decarbonization efforts, resulting in the elimination of at least 343,000 MT of CO2e from industry supply chains. Indeed, reacting to the growing interest by consumers to receive information digitally, governments around the world are starting to embrace digital approaches – such as the proposed EU digital product passport and replacement of traditional labelling requirements with the option to use electronic labeling for consumer electronics products (e.g., Singapore, Australia).Read the letter here!