WITSA Statement on the Ongoing Israel-Hamas War and Humanitarian Crisis

Mar 18

WITSA is a non-political, consensus-driven global tech organization representing members from 80 countries and economies and the leading recognized voice of the global tech industry. WITSA aims to drive transformation and grow the tech industry by advocating international public policies that advance the industry’s growth and development, facilitating international trade and investment in tech products and services throughout its global network, promoting industry cooperation and strengthening national associations through the sharing of knowledge, experience and critical information and working closely with internationally recognized organizations to promote and facilitate growth.

As fellow members of the global tech community, we recognize the tragic human suffering stemming from the war between Israel and Hamas. We are deeply concerned about the humanitarian dangers of the ongoing war and offer our support and solidarity to the Palestinian tech industry and the Palestinian Information and Communications Technology Association of Companies (PITA).

News of the devastating impact that the war has had on the lives and livelihoods of innocent people, including in Gaza, where the bombardment and blockade have destroyed homes, infrastructure, and essential services, are a stark reminder of the horrors of war. These compound the challenges and risks that the Palestinian tech workers and entrepreneurs face, as they try to continue their work amid the violence, power outages, internet disruptions, and displacement.

We commend the resilience and creativity of the Palestinian tech industry, which has been growing in the past 15 years despite the political and economic obstacles. The achievements of the Palestinian tech talent, who have developed innovative solutions for local and global markets and have contributed to the digital transformation of the Arab world are testament to the efforts of PITA and the various initiatives, accelerators, and incubators in Palestine that have supported and empowered young tech aspirants and startups.

We believe that the Palestinian tech industry is a vital asset for the development and prosperity of Palestine and the region, and that it deserves our recognition and assistance. We urge the international community, especially the tech sector, to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian tech industry and to provide humanitarian and technical support to the displaced tech workers and the damaged tech infrastructure.

We are deeply saddened by the loss of innocent lives and the suffering of civilians during periods of war. We know that war is a terrible thing that destroys not only the physical but also the moral aspects of humanity. We hope that the voices of reason and compassion will prevail over the forces of hatred and violence and pray for the healing and recovery of the wounded, the comfort and consolation of the bereaved, and the restoration and reconciliation of the communities.