Global Tech Ecosystem Development

Digital technology has fundamentally transformed countries’ economies, governments, and the way people interact. The global pervasiveness of mobile phones and Internet access offers new opportunities to improve government development outcomes and lift millions out of poverty.

Global access to technology remains uneven and often disjointed from local needs, challenges, and aspirations. The  risks of the digital age range from online hate speech to cyber-attacks and, too often, countries are unprepared to protect their citizens from technology’s deleterious impacts.

WITSA’s vast network of members in over 80 countries makes it well suited  to contract with US and other governments to advance digital initiatives that enhance security and economic prosperity in partner countries while safeguarding individual rights, freedom of expression, and democratic norms and practices.

Through contracting,  WITSA engages in projects that  advance research, training, strategic thinking, digital-sector partnerships, and behavior change that will prepare governments for the digital age. Through development contracting, WITSA also fosters the effective and responsible use of digital technology across all technical and regional sectors, and support the growth of open, inclusive, and secure digital ecosystems in partner countries.