WITSA AI Center of Excellence

The WITSA AI Centers of Excellence (WAICoE) - envisioned to be a global network of hubs to coalesce expertise, innovation and resources in the field of Artificial Intelligence. At its core is the establishment of multiple AI Centers of Excellence as AI powerhouses, each representing a specific region/continent, focusing on the ethical development, deployment and governance of AI technologies across industries.

WITSA seeks collaboration with the global partners and members of its network to work together towards fostering and promoting ethical, inclusive, sustainable and innovative use of and advocating global governance in AI. 

With a global footprint of 80 countries/economies & their tech associations, WITSA’s has a depth of reach to a strong network of industry experts, international governments, corporate leaders & policy advocates to elevate and connect WAICoE at the national and regional levels, creating collaborations and business development opportunities.

Reach out to us at waicoe@witsa.org for more information and collaboration opportunity.