WITSA World Cup

The WITSA World Cup is a premier global event envisaged to celebrate and promote the best tech scale-ups from across 6 continents. Through its dynamic approach, it connects global tech leaders, fosters innovation and provides a platform for investment, collaboration, and growth.

Series A and above Scale-Ups from across six continents compete through a pitching-style tournament at the national level. The winners from each participating country then advance to the global finale, where they vie for the ultimate title of the WITSA World Champion – opening up unique opportunities for partner-talent recruitment, collaboration, global exposure, investors and more.

The WITSA World Cup stands at the forefront of connecting global tech leaders to fuel innovation. Through its inclusive and competitive nature, it brings together a diverse range of stakeholders to foster entrepreneurship, support scale-ups, and drive the growth of the global tech ecosystem.

The inaugural WITSA World Cup tournament is expected to be staged at WCIT 2024.

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