WITSA Conducts Webinar on Global Cybercrime Treaty Negotiations

October 17, 2023

On October 17th, WITSA organized a webinar on the ongoing the recent UN Cybercrime Treaty negotiations with Nick Ashton-Hart, Senior Director, Digital Economy Policy at APCO Worldwide. In February 2024, the negotiation of a major UN treaty will create global rules for law enforcement cooperation on cybercrime as well as many other types of criminal conduct. Without an intensification of private sector advocacy with negotiators and in national capitals and Brussels the outcome will increase the liability of firms worldwide who currently receive requests from law enforcement for data.  Many provisions will subject firms to increasing demands that would require them to break the law in one jurisdiction to respond to requests in another. Current provisions would also require them to keep all such requests secret in perpetuity, which can lead to negative reputational consequences for firms whose customers see protection of their data from secret government access as important.

You can view the recording of the webinar here (for an audio-only version, click here! For additional information, and to see how you can engage on this important topic, see our "Key Industry Proposals for Un Cybercrime Convention" (PDF).

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